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How to Look your Best for your Photo Session in the Heat

While most love the warmer months, they can't be a dread when it comes to getting photos taken. No one wants to appear shiny, have sweat stains or end up with frizzy hair in their photos. Here's what you can do to look your best and avoid that.

#1 Bring oil blotting pads to wipe away any excess face oils and manage skin shine. Powder foundation is a great way to help hide oils and sweat so you don't appear shiny in photos.

Matthaei Botanical Gardens and Nichols Arboretum

#2 Have hair products on hand to help manage frizz, fly away hairs and even help hold your styled hair (especially on humid days). Professional cameras capture very small details so managing your hair is important for looking your best in your photos. Hair wax sticks are a great way to manage fly away hairs and frizz without making your hair super greasy. Small amounts of hair oil on mid-ends of your hair can also help smooth hair. Styling creams and humidity proof hair sprays are ideal for helping hold your hairstyle.

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#3 Dress for the weather. Tight or thick clothing can end up causing unwanted sweat stains on hot days. Loose or lighter clothing is recommended for warmer days. While black isn't an idea color or the sun, it does help hide any sweat stains. Be prepared to walk, stand, squat, sit and more during your session.

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