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Is Honeybook Worth It?

Updated: Feb 22, 2022

As a photographer, I need somewhere to keep me organized while running my business. I made the jump to start using HoneyBook after seeing it everywhere. So is it worth it? The short answer: yes. But of course, I’ll give you the longer answer as well.

I used to spend so much time going back and forth emailing clients to try and figure out dates for sessions. It was a frustrating process. Trying to figure out when we’re both available and emailing dates back and forth was truly a mess. Now that I’m using HoneyBook, I can set dates and times I’m available on a calendar and I can send the link to the calendar over to my clients. From there they can see all the dates and times I have available and pick from that. No more back and forth. Once something is booked, my calendar will automatically update so no one else can book that date/time. On top of that, I currently have it set up so it automatically updates my Google Calendar when someone schedules with me so I don’t have to manually do it. It has become such a stress free,easy and quick process!

Using HoneyBook has also allowed me to keep all the clients emails, questionnaires, files and information all in one place. No more going through my email trying to find specific email threads. I can view everything that was sent to my clients and what they sent to me all in one place.

An amazing feature HoneyBook has is the ability to receive payments. When I was first starting out my business, I had no idea how to receive card payments or to take deposits. My only option was cash, and in the world of modern technology, I was very behind. Without being able to take deposits, I had to hope clients would show up to their session. Which, spoiler alert, I did show up to a session and my client never showed up and I never got paid for the time I spent planning their session. I was devastated. Being able to take deposits has helped me ensure my clients are serious and show up to their session, and if they don’t, I at least got paid for the time I spent planning their session with them. I also can receive the remainder of their session payment through HoneyBook, and HoneyBook can send out payment reminders automatically to clients.

Questionnaires are a great way to get to know your clients or potential clients. HoneyBook has made making questionnaires so simple. I am able to easily make a questionnaire and send it to clients so I can get to know them and what they’re looking for in a photographer better. I can see when my client has viewed and when it is submitted, HoneyBook will alert me that the questionnaire has been completed so I can review it and get back to my clients ASAP.

Contracts are essential and protect you the photographer and your clients. If you don’t send contracts out, you better start. The process of sending contracts and having clients review and sign them digitally has been made to simple with HoneyBook. No printing out contracts and storing signed copies in a filing cabinet.

To spend less time writing out emails, HoneyBook has email templates. You can make your own or use their pre-written email templates to quickly relay information that you need to send to your clients.

Managing finances isn’t the most exciting thing in the world, but HoneyBook does a sure good job of helping with it. You can track your expenses easily and see how much you’ve spent vs how much you’re brought in easily. On top of that, you can integrate Quickbooks so you don’t have to do that all separately.

Tracking where your clients are coming from is now easier. HoneyBook has a feature where you can choose how your client found you. Then it will show you a chart of where your clients are coming from so you as a photographer can know where your clients are finding you, whether it be Instagram or client referrals. I didn’t realize how important this was, however now I know so I know where to spend most of my time marketing for my business.

These are just some of my favorite features on HoneyBook. Using HoneyBook has truly changed the way I run my business, keeping me organized, giving me more time freedom, helping me track my workload and keeping my business more professional. If you’re a photographer, I would highly recommend using HoneyBook to help you manage your business!

If you’re looking to sign up on HoneyBook and want to save some money, use this link to get 20% off for one year when signing up!


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