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Delivering Photographs: The Simple Way

There are so many ways to deliver photographs, but not all are quick, easy and flexible. To give your clients the best experience possible, I find it best to use online gallery delivery services like Pic-Time and CloudSpot.

So how do these sites work? Going in, you will be able to upload an entire client gallery. You can title it and choose a cover photograph for the gallery that the clients will see right away when accessing the photos. Galleries will be password protected to make sure other people do not have access to the gallery that shouldn’t.

Clients will be able to view all their final images the photographer upload to the gallery and can easily download all of the images to keep. No trying to send out USB’s. No scheduling a time for clients to sit down with you the photographer to go through the photos and pick their images. Just upload the photographs and send your clients a link to access their photos!

In addition, these sites also allow your clients to order prints of the photographs. When a client makes a purchase, you the photographer will also receive a commission. Any photographs ordered will be printed and sent directly to your clients without you having to do anything. It’s such an amazing feature to earn more and give your clients somewhere to print their photographs if they choose to do so!

Using an online gallery delivery service has made it such a good experience for my clients to view, download and order prints of their photographs while giving me a simple, fast and efficient way for me to deliver images!

If you are looking to sign up with Pic-Time, use code 3FGQBD to get one month free!


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