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Cincinnati; What's Next for Gabrielle Gen Photography?

April 1st 2024, I closed the back of the U-Haul and headed to Cincinnati, OH where I would start a new chapter in life. While I've traveled around, I've never moved anywhere outside of the Metro Detroit area. It's been a whirlwind of unknowns, but this was an exciting new journey and an opportunity to grow as a person, but as a photographer as well.

I've grown my photography business over the years, primarily in Southeast Michigan and I plan to continue serving the area, as well as taking on other adventures that come my way (I'm always looking for an excuse to travel more). While I might not live in Metro Detroit, I have wonderful friends and family who do and are generously willing to host me whenever I want or need a place to stay in the area so I can continue growing my business.

Film camera and flowers

My passion and love for taking photos doesn't end here, but instead grows in new ways. So here's to a new city to explore and the future of Gabrielle Gen Photography. I can't wait to continue taking photos of all my amazing clients!


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