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Angela & Chad

If there’s one thing about me, it’s that I love photographing a fun, playful couple.

Last week I met up with Angela and Chad to photograph their engagement session. They found me on TikTok and mentioned that they wanted photos in a nature-themed area. I had the perfect location in mind that I was dying to go to, but hadn’t been to yet. It was half way between the both of us since they were from an area about 2 hours away from me, so it was perfect.

Prior to the session, Angela had mentioned that her and Chad were foodies and loved going to breweries. I wanted to make sure their photos really showed them off as a couple, so I suggested bringing along a couple beers and some pizza. They were all in, so I brought along a picnic blanket for them to hang out on for some photos!

A little back story; Chad had proposed to Angela in Hawaii, so they brought along beer from Hawaii to add something a little more meaningful to the session and it just melted my heart.

During the session we went on beautiful trails, big open fields, and even down by the water. It was the perfect evening for an engagement session!


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