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Do's and Don'ts Before Your Session

Don’t spend too much time in the sun! The last thing you want to do is show up to your session sunburnt, with crazy tan lines or even peeling.

Tips: If you do get tan lines like from your apple watch, straps from tops, or even a farmers tan, try wearing clothing or accessories to help cover them up. During your session, don’t wear sunscreen as it can make your skin look oily or the ingredients in the sunscreen can make your skin appear washed out.

Do plan on wearing accessories to your session. Accessories such as necklaces, bracelets, rings, scarfs, watches, earrings, belts and more can really help bring your outfit to life. Plan accessories ahead of time to make sure they go with your outfits.

Don’t try a new style of clothes, hair or makeup last minute. Try getting ready exactly how you plan to show up to your session days or even weeks in advance. Make sure everything looks how you would like it to and you're happy with how you look.

Tips: You don’t need to go all out for your session with hair and makeup. If you can and want to, great! But if you’re like me and don’t normally wear a ton of makeup, don’t feel like you have to try putting a lot on. You also want to plan outfits that represent you and your style. If your style isn’t dressy, don’t get super dressed up!

Do find and wear the right shade of foundation if you plan on wearing any. It will be noticeable in photographs if your face is a different shade than your neck or the rest of your body.

Do moisturizer before your session. It’ll make your skin look healthy and glowing for your photos. This is especially important on elbows and knees.

Don’t use a super oily moisturizer before the session so you don’t appear super shiny.

Don’t eat in the car before your session. The last thing you want is to spill food or drinks on your outfit before you’re supposed to have your photos taken.

Do plan on bringing someone along to your session who you feel comfortable having your photos taken in front of (if you plan on bringing someone). They should be someone who can help throughout the session like carrying your stuff, helping you fix your hair or adjusting your outfit for you.

Don’t bring a crowd of people to your session. Your session should be personal and bringing multiple people to the session can be very distracting for you and the photographer.

Tips: I’ve personally noticed friends can be the best to bring along, as they offer the most help and encouragement throughout sessions!

Don’t worry if you have a big pimple. I’m personally skilled in facial retouching, as well as many other professional photographers. Don’t stress about acne ruining your photos!

Do speak to your photographer about facial retouching. Let them know beforehand that it is something that you're interested in and to make that is something they can offer.


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