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What Season is Best for your Photo Session?

When planning a session, seasons play a big role, especially being in a state like Michigan that experiences all four seasons. So what’s the best time or even season for photos? I’m here to help!

To me as a photographer, the most important thing to consider is what outfits you plan on wearing. If you want to wear a sweater, your best option is probably going to be in the cooler fall and winter months, opposed to the warmer months like fall and winter. Why? Because if you’re wearing a sweater in the middle of summer, you’ll more than likely get hot, which leads to your skin appearing shiny and red, clothes end up with sweat stains and can even lead to heat rash. These are all things you want to avoid, especially when getting photos taken. Similarly, t-shirts and sundresses wouldn’t be the best option for cooler months, because it will likely lead to your skin developing goosebumps, skin turning pale, and naturally your body will stiffen up making you appear tense in photos. So when you’re deciding on what season you want for your session, really keep in mind how important outfits are, what you plan to wear, and why dressing for the weather is so important (and bringing a coat along for those cold days to put on in between photos and moving locations!).

Don’t forget about the environment though! Consider this: do you want vibrant greenery at golden hour with beautiful nature-themed photographs, or do you want a gloomy fall or winter day in the city? This all comes down to preference, but will affect how your photos will ultimately look. During the winter and spring months, it CAN (not always!) end up muddy at many nature locations on trails and in fields, so are you prepared to get your shoes muddy, bring back up shoes or have muddy shoes for your photos? Would you rather play it safe during those months and pick a location like in the city? Or would you rather wait until the summer or fall for those gorgeous fields and trails? Ultimately, those areas will be avoided to the best of my ability and comes down to mother nature.

At the end of the day, all the seasons are great, so it’s really your choice on what you prefer and the outfits you plan to wear! As a photographer, I always make each location and session work, so don’t worry too much, these are just things to keep in mind and help prepare you for your next session and help you decide on a session date!

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