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Senior Session Outfit Planning

May 18th, 2021 | By: Gabrielle Gen Photography

So your senior session is coming up and you need help with outfits. Lucky for you, I can help!


 To see what other seniors have worn, click here to head over to my Pinterest!

1. Choose outfits for the weather. If you are having a session in the summer, be prepared for the heat and wear something light and airy. You don’t want to get caught wearing something thicker and ending up with sweat stains. If you have a fall or winter session, be prepared for the cold and bundled up. Aside from sweat stains, you also don’t want a red nose and watery eyes from the cold. 


2. Choose a couple different types of outfits. I typically recommend 3 outfits to seniors getting their photos taken and at least one dressy and more casual. One of them I recommend being a little more on the dressy side, such as sun dresses, skirts, button up shirts, and nicer shoes. You don't have to be super dressy, but more than what your normally are. Next I recommend a casual outfit. A good way to think about it is "how you would for your first day of school?". Ripped jeans and your favorite sneakers? Wear it! Oversized t-shirt and boots? Do it! Your casual outfit should represent you and your style. For a third outfit you could wear another casual or dressy outfit, but you could also choose to wear an outfit to show off a sport you play, or something like a hobby. If you play a sport, plan an outfit with a varsity jacket or to hold sports gear (such as a soccer ball or hockey stick). You can even wear a uniform or jersey. If you like doing things like skateboarding for fun, bring your board along! Wearing different types of outfits will give you a variety of senior photos. At the end of the day, your senior photos should be a representation of who you are as a senior and a part of that is your style!

3. Iron your clothes before the session. Wrinkles show up in photos and you should avoid showing up to a session with excessive wrinkles! Don't ignore them, get rid of them!!


4. Lint roll your clothes. Try and get as much lint off of your clothing before the session! Cameras have the ability to pick up small details and lint can easily show up in photographs. Most professional photographers can edit lint out, but it may take extra time and delay you from getting photos back sooner!!


5. Find the right bra and keep it hidden. If you wear a bra, this one is for you. If you decide to wear an outfit, such as a tank top, make sure all your straps are hidden. Straps are very noticeable in photographs. If you are wearing a thin shirt, make sure you can't see any undergarments underneath of it. If it’s a little see through to you, it’ll be more noticeable in photographs!!


6. Wear flexible clothes. To get a variety of poses, your photographer might have you sit, bending, jumping, twirling or whatever else. Wear clothes that are flexible enough that you feel comfortable doing those things in!!


7. Wear clothes that fit. Unless you're going for a certain look (like an oversized t-shirt look), make sure your clothes fit! For example, if you wear ripped jeans, make sure they aren’t squeezing your legs and your skin isn’t popping out of the holes. Or if your sleeves of your t-shirt are too tight around your arms. Clothes that don’t fit correctly will look off, so wear clothes that fit properly (or fit the way you want them too)!!

I hope this guide helps you better plan for your senior session outfits!

 To see what other seniors have worn, click here over to my Pinterest!

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